Comments: Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Wet Refrigerator


Hm. That is a poser. I've seen water in my fridge but it's only when I'm defrosting and somehow the water drips down from the freezer. Have you completely ruled this out? Can you turn off the freezer part while leaving the fridge on?

Of course then your Donvier ice cream maker would not be ready for you to throw cream and goodies into it at the drop of a hat. But it might be worth investigating.

Here in Paris, one of the bigger sellers of appliances (Darty) has a great after sales repair service and they will come out and look at your machine regardless of where you bought it. Is there anything like that in Chicago?

Which reminds me - wasn't there a Maytag series of ads in the 70s about the lonely repairman? Maybe you should have gone with them! ; )

You forget, Meg, that I am not of the landed gentry and don't own the fridge. It came with the apartment. I want to make sure we haven't done anything wrong or that it's not just a question of us blocking a vent or abusing it in some way before I get my landlord on the case.

Refrigerators work by condensation--it is possible that something has gone awry with your condenser coil setup.

It is possible that your coils are not in the back--which is weird--but instead are on the bottom of the fridge--that is where they sometimes were in older models. Check to see if you need to clean out -under- the fridge--there may be a vent there that is the air intake for the condenser coils. Some models have a vent down there and if it gets clogged with dust bunnies, cathair or whatever, it can cause issues.

Other than that--I dunno.

Try getting a thin piece of wire and poking it through the holes in the back. Sometimes these can get clogged up and will stop water escaping. It should solve your problem!

Check the freezer's drain tube; if it's clogged or frozen over, water from melting ice in the freezer would drain down into the fridge instead.

I vote for the drain tube of the freezer too. We had something similar (although not nearly the Niagara Falls that you are experiencing) a couple of years ago. It was indeed a clump of ice blocking the freezer drain.

The other thing could just be hot weather. I believe that you folks in Chicago are having a heat wave (or did yours break sometime today as well) Whenever it is insanely hot here, we have extra water draining into the little tray underneath the refrigerator.

Hope it's an easy fix!


So where is this freezer drainage tube? I haven't found one yet and I'm not sure I know exactly where to look.

Did you try the wire-in-the-holes trick as suggested by Bryan?

Did you follow the link in Sweth's comment?

I think the implication is that the tube is somewhere behind those holes in the back of the fridge that you mentioned.

If your fridge is a frost free, it means the coils in the bottom of the freezer are frozen solid and the defrost cycle is trying vainly to clear the ice away. It usually drips down a channel down the middle of the top of the fridge compartment. The channel ends up in a tube at the back that heads down to the tray underneath. This tube gets clogged and the water drips into the fridge instead of being drained away.

My Penneys did the same thing. It is now dead and long gone. You can either unplug it and let it defrost on its own or call a repairman and let him take apart the freezer compartment and get down to the coils, defrost them with a hair dryer and reassemble it. It cost us about 75$ to have someone come do that.

good luck...

Oops. I really hope that you have resolved your freezer problem already and that this is a needless answer.

When we defrost our freezer (yes, we have an old fridge that isn't self-defrosting. the freezer is on the top of the fridge) there is a small coin-shaped section at the back of the freezer (inside). This can get jammed with ice.

Also, there is a small area just at the top of the fridge (inside) there is a little drain hole. This too can be jammed with ice.


P,S. I really hope it's fixed already though. (By the way, do you know how to make this stinking hot weather stop plaguing us?)

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