Comments: Barbecue Bliss


Hey, when's the next BBQ? I kept my map from the last time.

As I recall, the map did not prevent a little misunderstanding in finding the barbecue! But I'm glad you konw the way now. Sadly...probably no barbecues before the rentrée!

Not that the weather these days really encourages them. I forgot to mention that we ate indoors on Saturday and I stood in the rain as I cooked!

Hey Meg,

Nice shootin' there. Ya know, the nice thing about barbecues is that as long as the weather holds out, you can keep doing it.

Something to keep in mind. Pork reheats very well and is something you could prepare the day before. Then, 35 minutes before you wish to serve? Foil up the meat with a sprinkle of water or apple cider/juice and put in to a 300F oven. You'd have to be a bbq geek such as myself to tell the difference.


Thanks for the tip, Dr. B! Not that leftovers are usually a problem when we fire up the grill...!

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