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Barrett, I do not believe I've come upon Mexican zucchini. I live in the Chicagoland area, do you have any suggestions?

Lu - I got my zukes at the Saturday Farmer's Market that's held adjacent to Oz Park just east of Halsted at Armitage. I've also seen them at the Chicago Fruit Market near my apartment at Montrose and... Albany? Whipple? Somewhere just a block or so West of Sacramento.

I'd bet Stanley's on North would have them as well.

OH !!! Use fresh rendered lard instead of butter.
We don't use it for fruit pies but for meat, veggie or savory pies? You cannot beat it.


Being a veg, lard's not my thing. And really, I have had lard crusted pies which are very good but we're talking BUTTER here. Mmmmm... butter.

Holy cow man, yup. It's a lovely thing either way.

I would like to state that I don't use just any lard. I make my own from naturally raised hogs and my wife uses it on special occasions with special pies.

If you're on the veggie trail, this don't matter. Just wanted to let ya know it isn't on the grocery store crap.

Lard or Butter crust, there is no better.

There is love shared on both sides.


Barrett, I'm not sure you'll ever get a properly flaky crust with cornmeal in it. To me it seems too coarse to give that effect. That said, it's a great versatile crust with loads of flavour. I think you should quit while you are ahead!

You'd be shocked by how close to flaky it is with the masa if you manage the cold correctly.

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