Comments: Cleaning Out the Icebox: the Vegetarian Edition


Half Italian I am. So then it would be ice-a box-a. Seriously, Grandma Lucy (my namesake).

And for you young uns' out there.....why is it called an ice box?

(OK, it's not THAT difficult)......

Drumroll.....because the ice man would come by the house and you would buy a huge chuck of ice to keep the perishables COLD.

Tah dah.

Actually, Lu, to me the more interesting question is where the heck did Davenport come from? I did a little Googling and it seems the best bet - though no one is sure - is that there must have been a company called Davenport that sold particularly popular couches!

Guess it makes sense...

Meg...I too have been growing my own lettuce this summer and although delicate in texture is remarkably hardy and durable once picked. Although mine didn't take quite the scenic route that yours did, it lasted a REALLY long time in the icebox :>) (I'm from Alabama, and we always called it that too.). So good question about the advanced age of what's available in the grocery store.

And the cucumber-tomato-yogurt salad is my absolute summer favorite. But it goes by the Indian name of 'raita' in my kitchen and has a pinch of cumin in it to give it that sub-continental flair. Goes great with curry.

Couple of comments. Celeste, MMM yummy adding the cumin to the salad!

Meg, I think that the bags of lettuce go bad because they are already cut up. I mean, when you ice-boxerate (as opposed to refrigerate) clean (washed) lettuce as you did and it survived your "alleged abuse", it's most likely because it was in whole pieces. The more cut up or processed something is I think it is more likely to "go bad".

What do you all think?

~~~~~~ Lu

ummm. Precut bags of lettuce may be designed to go bad.

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