Comments: Technical Wackiness


MmmMM, Bear. I haven't had bear in years, bear stew I think it was. NO, that wasn't it, it was Panther Stew. Or at least some large cat, you never really knew with ol' Cousin Joey.


I didn't think the wackiness had spread that badly. Clearly I was mistaken...

The scary thing is that isa true excerpt from about 1980. Some friends and I drove up to Garberville California for a weekend to visit Ed's family. When we went fishing, we had to stick to the creek ONLY. Why? Because the growers of a special type of ... let's just call it grass, would have shot us. So, we hunkered down on the rocks catching tiny little trout for dinner. It was the next night for the panther stew, we were tired of ditching the guardians.


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