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Interesting read. I've shared the link with 2 friends: one a Rachael admirer, the other fed up with Rachael.

I have to say I did LOL when I read how long it took to make a 30 min meal! I often call my brother in law and simply announce with nothing else said, "Well, I'm on 73 minutes of the 30 minute meal!"

Thanks, Barrett!

She still works my last nerve, but it was an interesting article anyway.

And I wouldn't call dignify her by calling her a chef as the author of the article did. She is a cook. Nothing wrong with that, but it is a different thing entirely.

Hi Barrett -
Rachel Ray is so cute! And given the addiction we have in this country to fast food joints and TV dinners, anyone who can make home cooking accessible to the masses is doing us all a great favor. Thanks for the link to the article.

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