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very cute!

Hey Meg,

Sounds as though you were lucky to have the TV dinners. My mother was in the whole wheat flour in everything faze. Waffles, cakes and even my beloved choco chippy cookie. Thank goodness it only lasted 5 or 6 years ...

Ouch. TV dinners and hamburgers every night in the summer start to sound good in comparison, it's true! And I shouldn't be too hard on my mom: when I was really little she was working full time, attending college full time and single-handedly raising three kids. Okay, with massive help from her family, but still!

Meg, I think you did get an unripe kumquat! If you can, vist our side of the globe during the chinese new year -- kumquats are in season then and booyyyyyy... they're the reason why I enjoy the New Year so much, next to our "red packets" -- envelopes with money stuffed inside for children and unmarried adults.

Thanks for the tip - I'll certainly look out for them if I ever get the chance. It was long ago in the pre-Internet Dark Ages, so I didn't have any place to research how to eat them or when they are in season. Now I'll know better!

We weren't lucky enough to have relatives who lived close so that my brother could store the good fruit there. My brother still does eat all the nectarines and peaches on the first day until he gets sick so that other people do not eat them. He does the same with oranges. He'll get so sick from eating seven of them by the afternoon and still manage to laugh about it. I think he laughed about it because he'd feel like he won the game of eating all the good fruit.

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