Comments: Black Bean Tlacoyos


These look absolutely brilliant, Barrett! I'm newly inspired to start tracking down mexican ingredients in Dublin - they must be out there somewhere.

Oh, so pretty!

these were delicious, and i'll definitely be trying them myself. i have generally been afraid to work with masa, but this makes it seem easy.

It was my first time and it was as easy as can be. I'm glad you liked the little buggers. It's going to show up on our table again, without a doubt.

This recipe is wrong... these are not the original tlacoyos.. the incredients shown here.. dont go with this plate...

The best tlacoyos are stuffed with chick pea filling, not black bean filling. No need to use a tortilla press, tlacoyos are always handshaped in Mexico. They are easy to make by hand, being a lot thicker than tortillas. That's probably why yours looked like rectangles instead of torpedos :)

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