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I think you should dip the rim in powdered sugar like a margarita.

She's my new virtual best friend too!!!
I made her Lemon Drop recipe a few months ago, and dipped the rim in regular sugar (must meet Barrett someday), so great. But alas I suffer from the growing middle and haven't made them again.
This is a wonderful post - could even call it a short story. Nice photos too!

Actually, The Food Whore recipe calls for dipping the rim in sugar. And I suppose I could have used powdered sugar. But as I used the last of the normal crystal sugar, my mind went a bit blank...undoubtedly with the anticipation of tasting the lemon drop!


clearly i drank too many at the time, and completely forgot that it was in the recipe to dip!

Clearly, you drank the RIGHT amount and were smart enough to drop the inessentials!

In fact, as I recall the original recipe does note that you can dispense with the glass entirely and drink straight from the shaker...

; )

She's my kind of gal, that Food Whore!

(Alisa, have you met her friend Da Momma from the site Motherhood is not for wimps? There's a link on the home page - she's very funny too!)

Mmmmmm. Lemon Drops.

As a peeling tip: while those who are neat-handed and have very, very sharp knives can take off the peel with a paring knife, I find my serrated-blade swivel-edge vegetable peeler to be Just The Thing for taking off peel-not-pith when large pieces of peel are required.

Mine is made by Messermeister and I got it at Sur La Table.

Congrats on your lemon crop!

Charlotte, I used a standard vegetable peeler for mine - should have made that explicit.

Your tool sounds perfect, but I'd have to check out how sharp it is. I'm not so good with really sharp objects! (I used to be ashamed of this fact but after reading the Food Whore's section "Klutziness" I have decided to come out of the closet and admit that I, too, am a Kitchen Klutz.) I know that the common wisdom is that a properly sharpened tool is much less likely to slip and cause a wound...but when it does the wound is much much worse. This I know from experience!

Thanks for the suggestion, though! I'll have to go and check it out!

Meg, I am a bit of a klutz too, so I don't dare use my knife. I've used regular veggie peelers on lemons and find the serrated-edge one to work better for this task.

(Thank you for the hat tip to the FW. I have been busy catching up.)

OK, how the fuck do we make these without a ton of sugar? We have been paying $8.00 each and they are great and all but we are cheap. So, what makes them not bitter or Vodka-e tasting but taste so frickin good?

Any serious ideas are greatly appreciated. See, most links spell out a shot version of the recipe but we want the real Martini.....

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