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I've seen similar affairs with ready-made meals in them here in France at gas stations, though they must have used a different technology as the one I tried never really got that hot. The real problem I have with them, though, is that they must be an environmentalist's nightmare: all that extra packaging and then the chemicals.

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The chemicals shouldn't be so bad - limestone and water are no real threat to the environment. The extra packaging is a problem.

This package is effective, but I just don't see it catching on at the price it costs right now. I suspect lattes were the first target since people are used to paying way too much for coffee anyway.

All that packaging, for what, a cup of coffee?

No no no, all that packaging is not just for coffee . All that packaging is for the advancement of SCIENCE!

And for $3.39, of course

Now it would be really cool if we could add our own beverages / soups to a can like that ... though I guess you're right that a thermos does pretty much the same thing.

I remember seeing those cans in Osaka, Japan in the dispensers on every street corner. The one machine would despense both cold items and hot sake, etc.

I know I have come across this relatively late, but here is some recent information:


The beverage I am currently drinking:

A quote about quicklime from a patent:

"Further, the used container, after the quick lime is converted to slaked lime by release of the reaction heat, may be discarded as it is, which would not cause environmental pollution or any other problem. Besides, the slaked lime can be utilized as a fertilizer for plants."

I for one enjoy the drink. I volunteer at a school as the PTO President. Many times I am in the office during the day. I bought some of the coffees and hot chocolate when they were on sale. Everyone that has come into my office and tried one has enjoyed it. It is handy for me because I am not a coffee drinker but I might have some one come to a meeting who is. This way I don't have to make a full pot of coffee for one or two cups.

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