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Too funny. LOL'ing over here in Chicagoland. Nice job on the "make do" snack, Meg!


Poor Meg! I hope the baby wasn't too cranky for having been short his bottle. Your impromptu snack looks delicious, and I must give you a brava for the presence of mind to snap the photo.

When did the grocery finally arrive? Not the next day, I hope!


I think the baby was less cranky than his mum, Pim! I was starting to worry an hour later, though, when the food still hadn't arrived and his next feeding was approaching. I was in fact on the phone with the grocery store when they finally showed up at a quarter to seven. I think that from now on I'm going to order the non-produce groceries over the Internet and have them delivered during the week, when it's less busy!

That said, it resulted in a very tasty snack!

HI Meg - I love the site. You guys are a the source of so many of my latest recipes. I would be glad to send you some Triscuits. Let me know!


Keri - thanks much for the compliment and the offer! I have plenty of Triscuits for the moment, but I really appreciate it!!

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