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Meg, Biggles should be able to arrange a tour of Meat Central if you're out here.

But, yeah, that guy just didn't know how to cook what he had. Not surprising with FC merchandise - crepinettes are not exactly every day fare even out here in the Gourmet Ghetto - but no excuse for not asking.

(I'm in the "more for me" camp. ;-)

I'll definitely be writing to a lot of the great bloggers on the West coast if ever I get back out that way. I have a brother in Portland, so it's not impossible!

Salut Meg! Thanks for the link! I think the universal trick to getting any food off the menu - fast or fine - is involving your food workers in the conspiratorial fun of thinking outside of the box - or off the conveyor belt.

Also, treating them like human beings capable of taking an independent decision probably helps! Thanks for a great idea!

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