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Meg - frugal - yes - but think of all that you'll save - you'll be able to spash out on something else! I too have a Braun immersion blender , maybe an older model than yours, which was a close contender for the star of my post as well.

For soups and making indian curries they are the best thing ever. Hopeless for making mayonnaise though (or maybe that's just got something to do with me)

I've never owned a reamer - didn't even know what they were called. Perhaps it is about time

thanks for joining in and sharing - I hope to get the round up done sometime close to the end of next week


Sam, when I read your comment I had a sudden panicky doubt: it is called a reamer, isn't it?? But yes, according to the food companion Juicer entry:

An old-fashioned form of this tool is the reamer , a ridged, teardrop-shaped tool with a handle.

Whew! I don't know where I picked up the word, probably my grandmother. Anyway, I highly recommend it because I find it easier to use and quicker to clean than the usual lemon juicers. That said, you have to fish out the seeds afterwards...but nothing is perfect in life!

One thing your meme made me realize as I assessed my many appliances is how many of them are useless space-wasters. I think I'm going to have a grand clearing out of the cabinets this weekend and just get rid of anything I haven't used in a year or more!!

Don't know if I can post the list online, though, as some of them were gifts... ; )

that's a good idea
i think i have to get rid of my bread machine

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