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Embarrassingly I have around 200 cookbooks. I do not count because an actual number may be frightening. If I had to pick ones I go back into repeatedly, it would be Lidia Bastianich's Italian Kitchen and Labensky's On Cooking (culinary school text). Todd English's The Olives Table is sitting out awaiting summer tomatoes for this fantastic tart and Mario Batali's new book is also on deck.

I've never owned more cookbooks, yet I am at a point where I am trying to develop my own recipes. Ironic.

Food Lit, recent favorites include Anthony Bourdain's A Cook's Tour, and both the Steingarten books. I love his books, but he is kind of an ass on Iron Chef.

Meg Meg Meg! The last time I tagged some friends, I never heard back from them again. Nothing! Does this mean it's soon-to-be over between us? But before we part, we still need to do the Mexican-food-thing, except all my Mexican cookbooks are socked away in the US. We'll improvise. Who needs cookbooks? (except dessert cookbooks, which we all need....)

David, I certainly hope not! Is this like the French superstition about offering knives as gifts? If so, we will beat this system!

Mexican food would be great, and SOON!

So glad you kept reading MFK!
So sad I have not!
Perhaps it is just what I need for my summer reading.

As for the mexican food night - I am rounding up the usual suspects.

Speaking of recipes... in Dijon about fifteen years ago we were served a first course that I've never seen again. My hope is that it's in the Fisher book or in your memory. My description far from does it justice - a poached egg in a red tomato sauce - sounds pedestrian, but it was heavenly.


Marianne - sorry, due to technical difficulties your comment disappeared into thin air for a while there. (Should I say is apparated? )

In answer to your question, I have never seen poached eggs in a tomato sauce but it sounds lovely! I love poached eggs in just about any dish and especially when the yolk has something to run into and there is bread handy to sop it up. Obviously this merits more research - I'll ask a friend of mine who is from Dijon the next time I see her!

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