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Love it! I miss the old Meg's Garden site.

We have a tiny tiny little hot pepper and one tiny tiny little tomato on our plants so far. The tomatoes need replanting.

I've got tons of sage, tarragon, and basil, though.

Meg, does the arugula grow well in a container? I love it so much and only Whole Foods and Trader Joe's here in Chicago area carries it.

Lu, the arugula is growing like a weed! (And it looks a bit like one too...) As I mentioned in the post, I've never had any luck with the softer-leaved lettuces but this stuff just took off. The container is about a food deep and 2 1/2 feet long and has 4 arugula and 4 sunflower plants and they all seem to be thriving. A lot of my earlier gardening attempts failed, I think, because I expected too much to grow in too little space but so far this is working great. We are on a west-facing terrace so it only gets sunshine in the afternoon.

I love it too - such a great peppery flavour. I just like it dressed with a little olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Good luck!

That does it! Next spring I plant arugula in a container on my porch. I have plenty of west-facing sun in my yard.

I'm the Lu who is coming to Paris in October and doing a cooking class among other things.

Thanks, Meg. This is a great 'blog!

Congratulations on some beautiful plants! You have more patience than me, I've tried several years, failed, and then stopped trying. Chicago summers are fickle. Your veggies look so delicious, I may have to try again!

Seth, as I suspected! It IS Chicago that is the problem. In fact, if you listen carefully, you can hear my garden crying because I can't water it enough. So far, the herbs are doing well, but I'm worried about the tomaHtoes :)

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