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Hi Barrett,

I think that's Viv who chose the theme. It would have been my next choice after jello.

Wow. I've never even heard of Scotch eggs, let alone seen a photo of one. Deep fried egg wrapped in sausage? Must be good.

Hey Barret - did you see this blog about the Scotch Ostrich Egg? You absolutely HAVE to check it out.

One of my friends has made me scotch eggs since I have been in the US, but somehow the sausage doesn't taste quite the same. I was never mad about them anyway, although I admit your post has awakened a little bit of a longing in me.

I used to love the Marks & Spensers variety back when they had a store in Paris (pause to sigh for the good old days). But last weekend I had one from a different chain (Morrisons?) and it was pretty disappointing. I'm not sure you are missing much, Sam!

Barrett, this recipe makes me want to die... erm, in a good way.

I used to get Scotch eggs at my (now longer local) pub, back when I thought nothing of wrapping my gut around a deep-fried lump of sausage and egg and listening as my heart sluggishly tried to restart itself. I do miss them.

The whole concept of vegetarian Scotch eggs is so deeply wrong, so heretical, that I must give it a try. Thanks!

They used to give us vegetarian scotch eggs at school, the only difference was they used sage and onion stuffing instead of sausage meat and these were also baked in the oven instead of fried. They were really tasty.

I regularly make Scotch Eggs for my son and I, and was pleased to find this page and a means of making equivalents for my veggie daughter. I note two very different options, that of Barret and the one by Gen.
I intend to try them both and if necessary a combination because only by finding a successful recipe will I be able to eat my next batch of real Scotch Eggs conscience free when my daughter is around!!
Thank you.

I used to eat the meat versions at our local ren-fair, but have gone veggie as well (only veggies, eggs, and ice cream).
I amde the Scotch eggs with the LightLife soy sausage ( instead and was rather good. My friends stated it tatsed the same but was missing the tub of fat that usually drips from an authentic Scotch egg. Hard to say if is was becuase it was veggie or becuase I baked the product (I have no fryer).

Barrett! It's no wonder you had only a luke-warm response to your first Scotch Egg--I wouldn't touch a shop-bought one with a barge-pole. It must be homemade.
And the only way you could possibly have worse would be to use ersatz sausage meat!

Thanks Barrett, lovely recipe.
I am English and therefore surrounded by opportunities to buy proper scotch eggs, alas I am a vegetarian like yourself and can't find the veggie variety anywhere!
The craving however has been building up for several months now and so today I shall make my own!.. and absolutely smother them in Branston pickle, have you heard of it? It was made for scotch eggs, if you haven't tried it I highly suggest you have a look for it. Magical stuff.
Anyway, thanks for the ideas!

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