Comments: Taste of Chicago


Is the pickle on a stick FRIED??

And I can't believe Harold's has nuggets. What on earth is the world coming to?

And lastly, go see Dr. John! I just got a CD of his music from my brother for my birthday - yay!

Of course it's not fried. That would be a frickle as seen at Genny's in Louisville (I've actually been there).

Excellent! I'll be in Chicago this weekend so I guess I know where I'm going to eat!

There's a veggie guide to the Taste at VegChicago too.

Is this from last year's vendor list? Many of these weren't out there (sadly) ...

Dude, I'm so not going. The last time I cooked for 1 million people, it didn't turn out so good. :-P

Where is MAZZONE'S ITALIAN ICE LOCATED. Information does not show them listed as a business in Western Springs Illinois. I searched on the internet and found an address of 5115 Clausen Ave in Western Springs Illinois only to drive over there and find that this is a subdivision and that address is someone's house. Can you please give me an ACTUAL location as to where this business is located. I would really like to go there!! Thanks!

where can i find a recipe for the harold chicken mild sauce

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