Comments: Fish on a Stick


Bonjour Meg!
What a great idea, it would help keep the fish together in nice chunks too. I never would have thought to wrap fish with ham but its done so often with shrimp and scallops isn't it? Brochettes like that make a great quick meal during the week too.
Thanks again for the great recipe. I've just found your blog I'll be visiting often for more recipes! Debra

Debra, glad you like the recipe! I was surprised how well it turned out - the rosemary flavour really carried well and brought it all together. Let me know how yours turns out!

NOTE- I've deleted a comment here from an anti-fishing website. I don't delete comments often, but I felt this one was inappropriate for the site.

I understand the concerns of pro-Vegan/anti-hunting/fishing activists and share some of them but I do not believe this site is the appropriate forum to publicize or discuss those concerns. Since it's my site (along with my partners), I get to decide what's appropriate for it.

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