Comments: Pseudo-Spanish Chickpea Salad


I don't think I've ever seen dried sweet peppers. I'm assuming you are referring to bell peppers? Or is it a different peppper enitrely?

I'll keep an eye open as this looks like a great recipe.

Sorry, should have been more explicit: yes, they are dried bell peppers as far as I can tell. They were sold in the market in strings and keep very well. The recipe called for peeling them, though, which confused me as the skins of mine were fused to the flesh and the whole so thin as to make peeling impossible. But maybe they were assuming you wouldn't be able to find the dried ones, in which case you probably would want to peel them!

I didn't realize that this was one of your contributions to the pot luck. It was so good - and now I can make it too!

Alisa, it was even nicer (I think) the first time I made it, with rocket!

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