Comments: M'Juderah, Mdaderra, Madjaderra, Majudarrah, or just plain Lentils and Rice


Mujadarra is one of my all-time favorite eats. My husband and I used to frequent a Pakistani restaurant in our former town that made the best version I've ever tasted.
And you're is so economical. I put it on my list of rotating dinner ideas. I love to serve it with toasted pita and cucumber-yogurt sauce.

megret, I couldn't agree more. I thought this would end up being an OK dish for those nights when we wanted to save money or do up a quick meal, but I think it's going into the regular dishes list. It was fantastic.

Barrett, what kind of lentils did you use for this? I've got some yellow Indian ones from my trip to little India and I'm looking for more uses for them. They get very soft, almost like split peas in texture once they are cooked. I wondered if they would work or if the dish needs the texture of more solid lentils? Love the pine nuts idea, by the way. It all sounds delicious!

I used some regular old brown lentils, but I'm sure just about any type of lentils would work great.

When I saw this post yesterday morning, I immediately decided I was making it for tea. I did and it was good, so good in fact I've got the leftovers with me for lunch today.

We ate it with asparagus and purple sprouting broccolli, just to be extra virtuous.

Thanks for a cheap, healthy, GOOD meal.

Okay, I'm going to have to try this. I'm having a barbecue this weekend - any thoughts on whether it would work as a cold salad? Or do you need to serve it hot?

Meg, I didn't try it, but it didn't seem very appetizing cold. It microwaves very well, though, thanks to the onions. Great for lunches.

Be careful on portion size. Lentils and rice both swell up in the belly. You can fill up awfully fast on this stuff.

I just tried this recipe because it looked so delicious. I could only find "red lentils" at the grocery store. They are very tiny and they basically disintigrated into the rice. I also didn't use basmati rice. It turned out like a big pile of mush, you couldn't distinguish between the rice and the lentils. Do you think it is the fault of the lentils or the rice? Other than that the recipe turned out great. The raisins and onions were delicious.

Meagan, that's interesting - I have noticed the same kind of problem when substituting Indian yellow lentils in some of my recipes. I think therefore I'll hold out until I get some "real" lentils as the little yellow ones turn into mush (a bit like split peas). I think you are right and the lentils were the problem!

Interesting. The plaing brown-gray lentils I had were fairly dry and hard. They may be more durable than others. You might try starting the rice off first if you're ending up with mushy lentils, then add the lentils after the rice has cooked a little.

If you are getting both mushy rice and lentils, I'd cut the cooking time back. This certainly isn't baking where you're performing precise chemical procedures. Times may vary based on your specific ingredients. Let the food tell you when its done.

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