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I haven't used preserved lemons in years; although I went through a spate of Moroccan cooking,it somehow fell out of my repetoire. But redfox at The hungry Tiger has some lovely ideas.

You have me thinking I might make a batch of preserved lemons, as an homage to spring.

Wow! Elsa, thanks for the link!! You are right: there are loads of good ideas there. I'm going to have to start playing with them; there is no excuse for being afraid of your food!

HI! I just couldn't resist commenting about this celeriac post, because a few months ago I had the same experience cooking with it for the first time (my knife got stuck in it for a long time and couldn't get it out) It is definetly not something you'd use for a quick meal! But here is one preparation that celeriac really is delicious in: In Germany, I've had chicken soup with pieces of celeriac. It is delicious...almost like vanilla essence, very fragrant. It's much better than plain old celery, really amazing flavor. It adds great flavor to soups, that I know. It is very stringy and I can't imagine wanting to eat it mashed!

Amy, that's a good point. I don't usually like proper celery in soup because it's even stringier than the root and has a very strong flavour. This would be great slivered in a vegetable soup. The only problem is that a whole head would overwhelm soup in the quantity I make it. I'll have to do some research on freezing it!

If I recall, Jamie Oliver made a celeriac gratin where he cut it into chunks then put it in the oven mixed with cream, cheese, garlic, nutmeg, salt and pepper. It sounded wonderful and you don't have the worry of boiling and draining the little sponges :)

The gratin sounds great - same flavor as my final dish with less hassle and less water! Maybe if I buy a head to put in my soup, I'll use the remainder for a non-watery gratin. Thanks!

I've used celeriac in my "Weight Watchers" style soup. Good thing I also used ginger root, red peppers, and a whole bunch of cilantro. It didn't have a chance to be bland.

There's a great recipe for Celery Root Slaw in the most recent (February) Bon Appetit. Coarsely grate a celeriac, and coarsely grate part of a seedless cucumber. Squeeze water out of cuke shreds, then mix with celeriac. Add some mayo, lemon juice, capers, chopped basil, salt and pepper, then chill.... Celeriac Slaw! Perhaps you could dice up some preserved lemons into it.

RJ - that sounds very tasty! Coincidentally, I bought another head of celeriac at the market this weekend and was intending to do some research to find a more interesting recipe. Thanks!

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