Comments: Another Sunday Breakfast


I don't think I tell you enough (or if ever) how much I enjoy your writing. You are a great writer!

As for good hiding places, I find under the bathroom sink another place husbands ignore/fear!

Beautiful grinder!

I have a modern Peugeot pepper grinder. Fantastic stuff. Only problem is that it is too good. I like my pepper to have different texture. A good pepper grinder will grind the pepper to a very uniform size. Oh well, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

We have had the same Peugeot peppermill in our family since before I was borne ('62) and it is still going strong.

I got my own personal one when I was 25 and use it daily.

I also have a Peugeot coffee grinder which, when it is taken out for a spin, makes the perfect grind.

It looks like you were fortuitous in your antiquing choice and will enjoy many years and generations of pleasure.

Alisa, thanks a lot!

Huan and Amanda: it looks like I've joined an existing fan club! I'll have to keep an eye out for the pepper grinders now!

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