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Great review, Barrett! I liked the idea of the waiter trying to help you out with the gorgeous redhead!

And let me tell you, she looked dynamite on Saturday in a long black dress with a red pashmina.

One thing I neglected to mention - all the diners in your party must order the same menu. Actually, I'm not 100% sure that if you ordered menu one and your companion ordered menu two that it wouldn't all work out, but most certainly one diner cannot order the tour unless all diners at the table order the tour.

It makes sense, but is a little bit of a disappointment.

Did they have a problem with catering to a vegetarian?

Not at all. In fact, they asked me on the phone when they called to confirm if there were any dietary restrictions, and adapted the one crab dish and the bison dish to our needs.

a rather neo-MOTO; is the comparison "odorous"????

This is just another example of chefs just trying to force food into something it's not. People are so foolish to fall into this trap and believe they are eating something so great when it's really nothing more than an overactive imagination.

Chefoffoodyoucaneat - thank you for setting me straight. I thought the meal was outstanding, but I can see I was merely fooling myself.

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