Comments: French women do get fat


Well, heck!
Watching my favorite film, the Triplets of Bellville, the director is making an exceptional statement about the 'westernization' of France in it's depiction of the size of the society it mocks. It is also a very sincere and delightful sentiment of family. Give it a look.
Fat has no enemies, and many allies.
love to all,

I seem to remember reading about (or someone telling me about) France having a problem with obese children during the first part of the 20th century. As I recall, the government acted to change the way in which children ate and how families interacted. With those changes, the childrens' weights returned to normal. Hopefully, France will take some action to prevent the French from becoming as fat as the USA.

In the interim, I always tell my patients' families that soda is only for special occasions (so if they're not eating birthday cake, children should not be drinking a Coke). "Just say No!" to the pop machine. :)

PS Juice usually is just as bad for you as a soda.

Rebecca, that's interesting - I'd love to see what policies they advised, whether it was eating lunch at home, etc.? That said, I expect two world wars on French soils probably did wonders in keeping those early 20th century waistlines small!

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