Comments: Coconut Rice


(Actually I think her exact words were "I'm in love with this rice.")

I can attest that the rice was delicious, as was the Tom Kha Tofu soup. And combining the rice with the soup definitely had a "lime in the coconut" motivation.

I say doooctor ain't there nothing I can take?

Curse you Barrett for putting that song iny head!

Sounds like this would be delish with a Thai green curry....mmm...

Any day where Harry Nillson songs are mentioned is a good day! So is any day with coconut.

Hi! I'm from Caracas, Venezuela. Where did you get this recipe? It's very common here in Venezuela. It's delicious!

Milsabores - I looked online to get a feel for the ingredients in the dish from several sources then taste-tested and improvised the rest. I usually do that to make sure the recipe meets with my tastes.

I'm going to look in venezuelan cooking books or recipe books, and will mail you the recipe. You're great!!!

I've been making this rice for awhile because it was an experiment with mine.......I failed the first time cuz the coconut milk is so thick but I like to fry some pineapple tidbits in butter and mix that in it. WOW talk about good. My guys love it!

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