Comments: Fresh Pea Soup


Awwww. What? No lard? Oh wait, that's fer split pea soup. Surely there must be away to sneak in a little pork in to the Fresh Pea Soup. Pork goes so well with fresh.


I did briefly consider tossing some crispy bits of bacon on top of the soup, but decided to go with cream instead for the decadant note. I agree though that pork would be beautiful, providing you added it in a crsipy form just before serving!

Yeah yeah, so the bacon is all fresh and the flavors between the pea and the bacon are a contrast.
I made a wonderful vegetable soup last night. I started with browning some Toulouse sausage. Then came the vegetables. Finished with a squeeze of fresh lime. I had 3 bowls. Vegetable-like, I suppose.

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