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My mom made pretty much the same recipe when I was a kid and called it an 'egg in a nest'.

HAHAHAHH, YEAH !!! Egg-in-a-hole! Butter, egg, bread? Nothing finer. Hot cast iron skillet and some sizzle. Hot sauce with a bit of ketchup and I'm ready for the day.

After the egg is nearly done, throw down a slice of ham, turn over and sizzle some more. Serve.


Ooh, I like the ham idea! And lots of pepper and a fresh tomato slice on the side. It's making me HUNGRY...

According to a half-remembered cookbook I had as a girl, if you fry up the extra bit of bread (i.e., the hole) and serve it perched atop your egg-in-toast, you have Eggs with a Hat. They had the nerve to include this as a separate recipe from Eggs in a Hole. The audacity...

This dish was one of my earliest culinary skills, and it still makes a cheery breakfast, or a comforting dinner after a hard day.

Elsa, I had never seen this done before and it amazed me with its simplicity. Maybe it was once popular and just fell out of style. Until a few years ago I ate but didn't cook so it could have eluded me easily.

Eggs with a hat is very Seussian. Half Green Eggs and Ham and half Cat in the Hat.

I don't want to think about what the recipe is for Cat in the Ham.

I like to use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make the hole when making this for our anniversary or valentines day breakfast.

Toad in a hole! It's clearly called toad in a hole! My mom makes it all the time. And yes, frying on a griddle is best.
Hooray for quick breakfasts - it takes barely longer than pouring cereal and milk.

Jessica, it's interesting that you call this Toad in a Hole. In our family, it's made with sausages and Yorkshire pudding batter:

In Australia you can get a Toad in the hole just about anywhere that sells fried food, Never heard of Hole-y Toast though.

If anyone sees this post.. I am currently researching this dish.. I have so far counted several names (all informal),, But not the original dish name... I would also like to find out from where this dish came from. (time period and location). As a kid it was refered to as Huevo al Hoya.. (egg in a hole). I once heard of the original name..started with a M. but can't remember it.. If you have any info or even other name varitions.. please email me.. anyone who writes me will get an email copy of my final research when completed.. THanks! Big Jay

My husband makes this for our 5 & 2 yrs old sons excpet instead of toast he uses a pancake...our 5 yr old has named them "pan-eggs"

Dude. This is a Winkie. we have been rockin this thing since 1969!

I love this sandwich. My family calls it the Winkie!! My Father made it for us for the first time in 1969. It is awesome!!!!!

I'm an Aussie, and we called it Frog-in-A-Log. So similar to toad in a hole, but catchier.

The name is whatever your father called it the first time he made it. For us, a family full of boys, it was not toad in a hole, but "turd in a hole". And yes, we also had "S--- on a shingle". For my two sons it is the less crude "toad in a hole".

ever seen the movie V for Vendetta they make this in the movie but I don't remember what they called it.

In V for vendetta they call this eggy-in-a-basket. Very brittish country sound to it I think.

My dad made this for me many years ago. I kept the tradition going. Egg in a hole !

I make this, too.. But.. I don't flip mine. This is how I do it..
I heat a small skillet to medium high.
I cut a small hole in the center of the bread - you can use cookie cutters, for fun shapes..
I spray butter flavored cooking spray on both sides of the bread.
Add bread to skillet, let "toast" for about a minute.
Flip.. Add egg to hole.
Within 2-3 minutes, the egg is fully cooked, and both looks and tastes great! =)

We Made this but one side of the family from Oklahoma and Texas called it a One-Eye'd-Jack .
However my Italian side of the family called it "Italian breakfast" and had a green chive oil or some green oil drizzled over it with crumbed prosciutto on top, but was made exactly as described on the recipe above

AND we also S.O.S which is the pleasant way of saying S*__ on a shingle.

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