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So, I'm curious - if you made venison, would the ingredients list include a "leg of Bambi"? "Bunny" is a very disturbing if very honest word for dinner.

Looks like a good recipe, I must say.

Quite possibly! I'm not squeamish about calling things by their cute names. However, I'm not as cool as you might think: I hate killing my own fish or choosing a live lobster from a tank and would never ever include the bunny head in the stew. (If you get it from a butcher shop they'll ask if you want the head!)

meg -- this was absolutely delicious! i could have eaten the whole pot (really!!!) and i am NOT a bunny fan... bravo!!! :-)

Your post and the inspiration for the dish, both made me laugh. And we all know how much laughter is an aphrodisiac! Bunny stew was sooo delicious. We had most of the left overs for dinner on Sunday. My children loved it! And there was just enough for lunch for one (me) today. We have left over pie crust "crackers", and they are going to be set out, on their own, for aperitif, Tuesday night. I have printed this too. Thank you so much!

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