Comments: Inside-Out Cheese and Tomato Sandwiches


hey Meg!
This is such a wonderful idea. Im with you on the traditional stuffed tomato (and bell pepper)-it just never appealed to me to eat mushy filled vegetables. But I love all the elements of this (well I do eat a cheese and tomato sandwich everyday for lunch!) so this is a brillant way to have it different. Thanks for sharing!

ps. Ive been a longtime reader, and I really enjoy your blog :-)

The stuffed tomatoes are delicious looking. I'll add that to the list this summer since we're growing (inevitably) more tomatoes than can be used by other means.

And Meg's worst photograph makes Barrett's best photos look like they were taken by a one eyed, colorblind goat.

When were you starting that blog of your own again, Bryan?

I'll eagerly await the photography section on it.

You should, my friend. You need all the help you can get. :)

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