Comments: Flax-topped Carrot Raisin Muffins


What kind of flavor do the flax seeds contribute? Or is it just a texture and nutrition thing?

Flax is a bit nutty and adds not just the seed texture, but a bit of flax oil to make the muffins more satisfying.

I wish I could locate those flax muffins from the former Seattle's Best stores in Chicago. I think they're locally produced and they had such a great flavor.

I know there's a brother-sister company here that does muffins for coffee shops and I think they may be the producers, but I can't find their name on the web.

You're still a wonder with that camera. I wonder how the heck you can make good food look so bad.

Bryan, I think you're nuts. Those muffins look great to me. So far it's 1-1. Anyone else want to vote on whether these look awful or great?

I found, by the way, the original muffin I was trying to reproduce. It's from Little Miss Muffin in Chicago. A picture of the flat disk-like muffin they make is here.

Not much to look at, but they are delicious.

I thought flax seed loses it's nutritional value when heated? Am I confused on this one?

Amy, I wasn't aware of that, but a few Google searches would tend to back you up. Well, they still taste great.

I suppose you could add the flax at the end by mixing the seeds with honey and spreading the resulting mix on top.

Looks like nobody wants to back you up, bud. I think that the artist must be ruled out of voting on their own piece. Certainly my own children are beautiful beyond compare to me.

I'll accept Meg in Paris as the final arbiter of all things photographically impaired or wonderful. The only other possibility would be cameras at noon. High Noon. Ya yeller bellied, Fun Bunchin, half blind, Enya luvvin, Anti-Ansel!

Barrett, as a fish-eating vegetarian I think you could also pick up those Omega-3 acids in fatty fishes such as mackeral and sardines and anchovies.

Otherwise, it might get a bit sticky!

Bryan, I'm honored to be selected as an arbiter, having never even been called on to take part in a jury. However, I'm afraid I have to side with Barrett on this one - it's not such a bad photo. Trust me, he gets a little message from me regularly about the "bad photo is worse than no photo" rule so I'm not being prejudiced! This one is not so bad. I think you must be having an off day. Or maybe you have something against flax??

That said, I'm not sure the photo warranted such a HUGE format...

; )

It did. I've become convinced that if you can't see the photo, what's the point of having it there at all. We need to start making our photography big, bold, and beautiful.

Does anyone reading view TMC on 800x600 or smaller?

Sigh. I can see when I've been beaten. On the other hand, her endorsement of the picture definitely does not merit big, bold or beautiful.

/just sayin'

I think they look and sound great! But did you know that to get the nutritional value from flax seeds, you have to grind them up ever-so-slightly? The hulls are too hard to be broken down by the human body, therefore keeping all that Omega 3 goodness from being absorbed. Just a quick zip through the blender breaks the hulls enough. I hadn't heard about the heat thing, though. That may render my entire speech useless! =)

I post a muffin recipe, I get an education on making Omega-3 available to the body and not destroying it. Thanks for the info Kelli!

Dang Barrett. Somebody finally came through for you on this one. I'll go pretend to be dead on a desert planet until we meet again.

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