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Sounds interesting, but why do I have the feeling that it's more a regional program for PBS. I'll check my local listings, though.

Frolic, a complete list of stations where the show is currently airing is here:

No Louisiana PBS stations, I'm afraid.

Barrett, are you interested in episodes of Floyd's Fjord Fiesta? I'm not sure how authentically Nordic the recipes are but they use local produce. The last episode I saw had a somewhat schizophrenic dish of local crawfish with a Thai curry sauce on couscous...definitely original!

Having just moved to a new house, I send my sympathy for the moving/packing/unpacking thing. It utterly sucks.

As for eschewing cable--I have cable--but I don't watch it. I seldom watch television at all.I tend to use the tv mostly for DVD's and videos.

However, I might have to watch that Andreas guy--he sounds mighty interesting! Thanks for the tip!

Meg- I'd love to see Floyd's Fjord Fiesta. He's not easy to find in the U.S. I was totally unaware he'd done a Nordic show.

Barbara - Packing is the bane of my existence. I hate moving more than any other chore.

Barrett, your wish is my command, will try to record some episodes.

I think I must be the only person in the world who actually in a sick way kind of enjoys packing. It fills some deep organizational need, must be due to my inherent messiness!

TIVO will be sad. Very sad. Be careful that the TIVO Protection Agency (A subdivision of Homeland Security) does not come and visit.

Oh poo. When Andreas is due to come up on Cable, just unplug your modem and jack it in to the back of your teevee. Watch Andreas, then put it back.

You CANNOT go without Andreas, you cannot. He's one of the best things happening on my weekends.

Senior Biggles

Doc, that's the beautiful thing - he's on PBS. We won't lose PBS, just the cable channels. Andreas is here to stay (well until Tina replaces him next year).

Hey Barrett,

Okay, I was worried there for a moment. You're not missing anything with the cable channels then. I know, I have over 240 on my dish and I usually end up watching MASH.
Carry on.

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