Comments: Four star restauranteur foie gras SMACK-DOWN!


Hey-ohhh!! Charlie Trotter's in da Hizouse!!

Seriously tho', what's with the Ice-speak Barrett? I enjoyed this entry so much, mostly because now I have the east coast/west coast rivalry playing out in my head. Do you think Alice Waters can throw down against Mario Batali?

Alice Waters rolls serious old school. She'd go biggie-size on Mario in a serious throw-down.

Love it! Love it! Love it!

This could rival The Game and 50 Cent Beef, only with Ginsu knives. Cuts through an ear and still sharp enough to slice a tomato paper thin! Reading it this morning I almost died. Front page of the Tribune. Even for a Tuesday.

This entry made me laugh ALL DAY! My favorite part is "his-onions-don't-stink Charlie Trotter." Nicely put.

I don't know why, but the "No way" "Yeah way" exchange had me giggling uncontrollably. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Beyond Excellent! I'm rolling right now. I can actually hear RT saying " I know you didn't just go there" imagine the made for tv movie!!!!

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