Comments: Goma-ae (or Goma-easy, if you ask me)


This looks like a fabulous little starter. Thanks, Barrett.

I make a dish very similar to this that I learned 20 years ago from a Buddhist monk. The monks are very frugal & hating waste, use even the roots of spinach. The dressing is almost identical except they add a small pinch of cayenne pepper. The fresh roots turn this lovely pink & green when blanched and have a nice crunch to them. Just make sure to clean them extra well (I use a soft toothbrush, LOL). Ita-daki-masu! (bon appetit in Japanese!) Moira

This was a very good start. I forgot to grind the sesame seeds and it was fine. I also added some hot sesame oil and some honey at the very end as my sauce was a little bitter. Delicious - will definitely make again!

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