Comments: Bailey's Irish Cream Cake


Happy St. Pat's to you Meg! Thanks again for the scoop on the honey. M. Allart is such a sweet man! :-)

That's just lovely. It looks good enough to eat! :)

Viv, I'm so glad you got to meet him! I think he's a sweetie too and I love the honey.

Barrett, it's an early birthday cake, Birthday boy! : )

My french husband loves Bailey's! Your cake looks beautiful.

I tried this, for my 'Way To Irish' Mother for her birthday. She loves it!

I tried this, for my 'Way To Irish' Mother's birthday. It was a hit, and She loves it!

As a (South-Side!) Irish Chicagoian with a St. Patrick's day birthday, I'm always looking for unique recipes (beyond corned beef and cabbage) to celebrate the day. My 25th birthday is this Friday, and this cake sounds like the perfect addition to our meal. Thanks for the recipe!

Meghan, happy birthday! I hope you enjoy it!

FYI: The cake was delicious! More dense than I'd originally anticipated, so next time I'll have to cut smaller pieces. Thanks again!

I haven't made this yet but have chosen it to make for my friend's 17th March birthday.

the comments look good and it's the only recipe I could find for a Bailey's cake that didn't have packet mix ingredients - which I never use because of preservatives/additives etc. I'll comment on the result when its made and eaten!

Incidentally it will be my own home made Baileys (with a litre of Jamiesons in it) that it will contain.


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