Comments: Cubs - The Other White Meat - Updated


The mexican place near the hotel was Villa del Sol or some such. Definitely "Yadda" del Sol and was on Country Club road, just north of Route 60.

The other one is on the corner of Country Club and University. It's the white building just off the corner on south side of University in Mesa.

The beer joint was phenomenal. Go Cubs.

Mesa is pretty bereft of restaurants, but Tempe, Phoenix and Scottsdale all have quite good food. I always enjoy visiting my parents for exactly that reason.

The very best Mexican food I've ever had in Phoenix is at a place called Frank and Lupe's, in Scottsdale. The chips are always hot and crispy, and the sopapillas are to die for.

I'm trying to think if I know any good breakfast restaurants in the area, though. Not coming to mind, I'm sorry to say.

Check out the Barrio Cafe. It is in a funky neighborhood, the parking is terrible, and the wait is long.

But everything they give you to eat or drink rocks. The sangria is great. They have too many tequilas to count, and even the house tequila is good (how many places can say THAT?).

The cochinita pibil made my two companions get this buzzed, drowsy look of pure pleasure as they tasted it.

We'll be at spring training next weekend, and Barrio Cafe is definitely on the itinerary.

If you go, look for my cousin Doug Davis pitching for the Brewers!

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