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I've never seen Floyd, but I do remember your recounting of his boozy barging through Europe in Floyd on Food.

Oh, excellent! We loved "Floyd on France". Thanks for the heads up! We'll definitely look for "Floyd on India"!


The UK Observer ran an interesting profile of Floyd which revealed that Floyd's Devon pub went under due to his guaranteeing a £36,000 bar bill and that his cousin was the only person to show up to one of his book signings. Long live Floyd!

I would like to have more of floyd's recepie,I liked the simplicity of the recpie

hi mr floyd iam from singapore.have u been to singapore grandmother loves to watch ur prog.she is abt 85 yrs old.when she was in london she will nvr miss ur prog .i love ur recipe.

Can I purchase video (VHS or DVD) on Floyd's shows/travels?????

I love him and his travel/cooking shows!

Wanted Kieth Floyd BBC series "Floyd on France/Fish" etc. on DVD or Video.

Wanted Kieth Floyd BBC series "Floyd on France/Fish" etc. on DVD or Video.

floyd on india and far flung floyd, fantastic!
the man is a delight to watch.did anyone see his one off show on how to prepare christmas dinner,with a hangover,superb.

Would you believe: I can't find any instructions for boiling white rice. My son is in China. the language is the problem. I am ashamed to tell him I have forgotten how. I have tried the internet, Google and eveyone I could think of. Is there anyone out there who could give the simple instructions and amounts of rice to water?HELP!

The problem with finding instructions for cooking rice is that different kinds of rice - and different recipes - have different methods. I would tell your son to wash the rice a few times in cold water to remove the starch, and then bring a large pot of water to boil. Add the rice, making sure you have at least twice as much rice as water and cook for eight minutes or so. Fish out a few grains of rice and see if they are tender or not. If so, drain the rice and if not keep cooking and testing. Different rices take different amounts of time to cook, so I'm afraid he'll have to play around. It's the same story with how much water to use: over time he may get a feel for how much water will be absorbed by the rice but until he has instructions for the rice he is using the best thing is to use too much water and then drain it.

Is there really no one he can ask there? He might also want to invest in a rice cooker, if he can find one that includes English instructions. I am told they are the most efficient (and delicious) way to cook rice.

Good luck and sorry I can't be of more help!

I love watching Floyds show. His recipes are simple, easy to make and very delicious.

Dear Floyd
its me Shiva from India iam watching Ur program on TV every week so iam really happy to see that Ur way of cooking Indian food even in that i observed that Ur really not finding the traditional way of the Indian cooking with heart & soul so i just want to tell u that again in future if u come to India for the learning of spicy south Indian cuisine u can call me for that iam interested to help people like u
Ur good friend pshiva take care


you have no clue about Indian food. Stop misleading people with your style. you lack passion and most importantly proportion.

Westerners and Non- Indians there are better sources for you to learn how to cook get a life and get your aware of what outside America and the UK

Hi! I have been watching food/cooking programmes on TV for long, but I find Floyd's way of cooking clumsy. You may find my usage "clumsy" strange but my usage is with regard to his method of wasting a lot of food raw material while coooking. This is repulsive in Indian society, where food is revered with godess Annapoorna. Even I cook my food, but I ensure that wastage is almost NIL. I wish he refined his cooking methods keeping this Indian sentiment in view, as such programmes have a big influence on the viewers.

Drives me mad when he says Chewmeric instead of Turmeric.

Hey, this guy still seems to be in the "Raj" era.

The amounts of red chilly powder and "cheumerik" (as he prefers to call turmeric) he adds are ridiculous - he says he likes the colour ! Can't be more stupid if anyone knows a little Indian cooking. He thinks the spices will mix evenly by some magic -without stirring! And Oh Gosh - the waste he creates and his spillage of materials all around...

I just hope he sometimes tastes what he has cooked and tells the viewers what does it really taste like.

The locales are beautiful -but they are chosen by the series director and producers. Cant they chose a better chef ??

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