Comments: The Apple(s) of My Eye


I like the varieties you've mentioned but I'm a big fan of Galas for hand fruit these days.

I'm thinking Granny Smith would be a great base for a tart tequila or dark rum based drink.

Galas used to be my favourite until I found the Pink Ladies. If you haven't tried one, you really should!

Forgot to add - GREAT idea of combining the Granny Smith with dark rum. I'm thinking hot buttered rums to warm us down to our toes...!

Tried the pink ladies this week. They're good, but the skin is tougher. I think I'm still a gala guy.

Actually, the ones we REALLY liked were the Cortlands we had in the Hudson River Valley in New York on our honeymoon. You see them here occasionally, but not nearly often enough.

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