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I haven't installed the MT-TasteRemotely plugin that would allow people to taste this cake remotely, but I think I might have to now. I'm going to try the recipe this weekend and see if it's as delicious as it reads.

oh im definetely going to try this with cardamon (im not actually sure what star anise is!) but im confused- did you end up using the 1/2 c of oil or no? it doesnt say in your ingredients list.

Thanks for pointing that out - it must have been a Freudian slip on my part to leave out the butter in the recipe! I did use half a cup of butter (and have now corrected the recipe).

Star anise is an interesting spice. I think it's the seed pod that is star-shaped (as in the photo) and as you can guess from the name it has a strong aniseed flavour.

This site has more information:

have you seen the moosewood recipe for a fat free carrot cake? very dense and heavy, but beautifully spiced.

I tried warming the milk through with the cinimon and star anise in to get the flavours out a bit quicker :)

Cakes are lighter with vegetable oil, but the flavor of butter IMHO makes the difference in matter of taste (in comparisor to the transfatty-margarine, or simple sunflower oil. Melted butter behaves different than just softened butter, in the oven. Melted butter makes the cake heavier, and softened butter makes it a bit fluffier. I used cardamom, clove and star anise, grinded in my maplewood mortar. I don't like cream cheese, so I just made a sugar frosting, with the carrot milk. Very very nice. Thanks a lot for the recipe. Photos at my blog. Cheers.

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