Comments: Vegetable Samosas Are Easier To Make Than You Might Think


I've never heard of these, and now I'll be making some just because of this great post >8^)

Hey, thanks - that is quite possibly the nicest compliment I've ever received! Let me know how it turns out!

Well maybe it's not the same level of compliment since I've heard of them before, but these look great, Meg -- I'll definitely be trying your recipe too.

Oops, I didn't mean to devalue in advance any further comments. I'm getting a swollen head here!

[You just try to devalue this compliment. Just try it.]

Oh, Meg, this is inspiring --- the more so because, with no good Indian restaurants in my neighborhood, I've been wondering if homemade samosas were feasible. These look fantastically good, and I can hardly wait to try making them myself!

Thanks, Elsa! They really were a lot easier to reproduce than i hoped!

I think I love your blog almost as much as I love samosas (and all other Indian food)! Can't wait to try out the recipe.

Meg, I made these last night and had to pop in to thank you. The dough is lovely, just as elastic and resilient as you said, as well as delicious, and is officially my new dough for pierogis and knishes as well. Rather than deep-frying, I rolled mine in oil and baked them, and they came out crisp and brown and lovely. Thanks for the recipe and the inspiration!

Elsa, I'm so glad they worked for you! I used the second half of the stuffing with a store-bought pie dough baked in the oven and it was good but not great. Next time, I'll try your trick with the original dough as it would be soooo much healthier. Also, it wouldn't leave me with a jar of oil that I hate to throw away but don't know when I'll use again!

Hi all,
I'm from Pakistan and samosas are available everywhere at kiosks here - and I have to agree, they are really a yummy snack - glad to know they're relished around the world! They come in various varieties besides the veggie ones - mince, chicken, and even a cottage cheese stuffing variety.

Hi all,
I'm from Pakistan, where samosas are commonly available at kiosks. I do agree that they make a lovely hot snack, and it's a pleasure to know they're relished around the world! They can be made in different varieties, besides the potato/vegetable kind, such as with chicken, mincemeat, and even cottage cheese filling.


Im from India, and i don't know how i landed upto this site, but anyways i went through the Indian recipes you cooked and I would have to say you have done a pretty good job considering the fact that you are doing this for the first time, Indian food IS complicated to prepare.

Don't mean to be rude , but the Chapati shown in the first picture have been burned, Chapati should never have those black burn makes, a few light ones here and there alright, and also they are thinner overall. The fourth picture wherein you are showing how to prepare the chapati is exactly what it should look like.

"Saag" means any veggie with some amount of gravy/liquidy. Palak Panner also is form of a Saag but the Palak (spinach) dominates the gravy, usually spices etc dominate the gravy in other veggies.

You can use any non-veg product in place of potatoes and peas for the samosa.

Keep up the good work


im so glad i found this website, ive been searching everywhere on how to make these but could only find how to make the flat samosas, not these kind.

i've been wanting to know how to make these for a long time.

I had just one question though,.. i was just wondering what exactly you meant by "give a generous helping of salt", i have no idea how much salt i should put there, if you could give me some sort of measurement, that would be wonderful.

also,... i've never actually cooked anything myself before, so if you have any quick beginners tips for me i'd love to know.

thanks alot.

these samosas were one blast meal to impress my inlaws!!!! hehe

great recipe meg, i've heard of it before but i've never heard of putting yoghurt into the dough mixture. can u tell me how yoghurt helps???
i aslo partially cook the the round chappatis before filling them, i dont know what diffference that makes.

Just found this recipe, and I'm glad I did! Now I can't wait to make some of these on my own.

I've also gone to the Indian restaurant mentioned in the article, and their samosas are delicious!

Oh my God, what a brilliant recipe! I've just made these and they WERE amazingly simple. And I hardly had any filling left over. I did find they only took a minute to cook though.

This looks realllly good. Can't wait to try it.

I'm 18 and have never cooked a samosa in my life. You're recipe is my first attempt.

I'll tell you how it goes! =)

Yeup. It worked. I kind of made a variation of the stuffing, but it still worked.

Greeeattt recipe. Thanks so much!

My family was very proud. =D

How long and how high did you put the samosas in for, Elsa?

Thank you! I have been dating a man from India for two years and haven't felt this confident making him some of his own kind of food!

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