Comments: And MORE music in the kitchen


I didn't think of Leonard Cohen - good pick. And you'll have to play that version of Rudolf for me some day!

I thought of about 300 other possibilities. These just felt right for right now, though.

And as a postscript, Ani tore up the place on her set. Great audience for the show - at one point someone started yelling out song titles and another yelled over her "You play whatever you want, Ani!" and got big time applause from the crowd.

Plus being male at an Ani DiFranco show was like having a backstage pass. I got to jump line outside since they had such a backlog of women to be checked by security and so few men. This was despite a 3 to 1 ration of checkers in favor of the women.

Between opening act Andrew Bird, who was very good, and Ani, I took a bathroom break and again a long long line of women waited for the ladies room while the men just waltzed in and waltzed out. One guy in the bathroom proclaimed "Welcome to the brotherhood - the brotherhood of no lines!"

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