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I KNEW Couple of Kooks was going to be on there, but Puddle of Mud surprised me.

Yeah, well I had to throw something in there to show I've heard music that was made less than 20 years ago!

Meg, don't know how I missed this post when it went up.

Not surprising that your son prefers 50 Ways, since Paul Simon wrote it to teach his son about rhyming. And being a cad. Got to teach them young.

Ok, I am so uncool for knowing that.

Frolic, that's very funny! I don't know why it didn't occur to me that the rhyming appealed to him - especially given the fact that most children's songs rely heavily on rhyming. Hope it doesn't turn him into a cad!

""Loves me like a rock" by Paul Simon, which I like to sing to my son. (Somewhat disturbingly, he seems to prefer "50 ways to leave your lover"!)

That may have something to do with who Paul wrote the song for. He'd been playing rhyming games with, his now eldest son, Harper, when he'd be about 5 years old and that's where that song stemmed from....A children's rhyming game!


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