Comments: The Concise Larousse Gastronomique, my new Best Friend (sorry, Barrett)


I've been wondering where to spend my birhday money. Now I'm off to Amazon. Too bad you guys aren't signed up for the affliate program!

Yes, well, we are supposedly working on that, aren't we, Barrett?? Thanks!

My devotion to Larousse and Harold McGee's On Food and Cooking are what got me the nickname, "The Culinary Nerd" in culinary school. Because years before I got there, I had devoured both books and retained much of what I read.

Which made me sound like Mrs. Spock when it came to matters of the kitchen.

Which is amusing, but, I suppose it was annoying to.

But they are still two of my favorite books, ever.

The Amazon link is coming. We're trying something a little more complex...

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