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Carrots sound good. I bet that same recipe would work well with parsnips.

I'm allowed to be a wimp on behalf of my son! I have added a photo to show how cold and grey Paris can be at seven in the morning after a snowfall!

Sooooo you're looking for sympathy about suffering through living in PARIS?

Hmm. Let me see if I can find any pity points way down in the bottom of this sack. Nope, all gone.

Of course I suppose for the little guy's sake you can be a weather wimp. Of course when I was his age, I was lugging loads of coal uphill in the snow in a blizzard barefoot while white winter weasels nipped at my ankles.

Kids today.

The thing you are forgetting is that in Chicago apartments are set up to cope with Chicago weather. The heating here really isn't nearly as efficient as a cheap rental would have in Chicago. It's the same thing with coats: it's impossible to find a truly warm winter coat here. They are stylish but not very thick!

All right, I'll give you that.

I remember one winter where I had a meeting in Minneapolis where it was -20 F, flew to Chicago where it was 0, and then to Louisville the next day to visit friends where it was 15.

The place where I was coldest was Louisville because the house they were in was not ready for that kind of weather.

I am glad we get the benefits of reading about you cooking to keep warm

That looks very tasty, and I will be trying it soon.

I have been eating a lot of roast cauliflower lately - one lemon and some olive oil per head. Yum. It's very comforting, even though I don't have to keep the oven on to heat my house any more myself!

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