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Wow, this is something I'll be trying soon, it sounds fantastic.

It was fantastic -- I was lucky enough to be one of the tasters for this stuff and it was great. I'll be trying it on my own before too long...

Merci Beaucoup.

Had a Poblano Soup at favorite restaurant (San Antonio). Was excellent. Sounds like this one. Will definitely try it! Thanks966447

Had Cream of Poblao Soup in Matzalan Mexico and this looks and sounds just what we had, my husband and I can't wait to try it!!

When do you add the crema fresca? I don't see this in the directions.

Meg - it goes in at the end - I just updated the recipe to reflect that fact.

i had the same soup as well, in cancun! just last week. lol
and, here i am searching for the recipe

I also had this soup in MX and wanted to find a recipe when I got back to the states. This recipe is easy and turned out very similar to what I had in MX Very good and have recommended it to my friends. Thanks

jalapenos ARE NOT chipotles. they're two different peppers kinds of pepper.

Chipotles are Jalapenos that have been allowed to ripen to red before being picked and then smoked until the moisture is gone. They are the the EXACT same pepper, just processed differently.

When I moved to El Paso, TX from Florida last year my mom told me about this poblano soup that I should try at The Greenery on the west side. I had it last year and loved it. My mother has since passed away and I've forgotten about this soup. I just happened to go to the Greenery on a Thursday picking up some bread for a neighbor and remembered this soup. Just so happens that it was a Thursday and much to my delight could once again order this soup. When the water put it in front of me, I inhaled it with gusto. Thought about bringing some home but decided to make my own soup. Well came across your recipe and I am just amazed at how good it tastes, even better than the Greenery I feel. Now I'll always have this on hand whenever I want it. So delicious and so healthy. I added Asiago cheese on top and really made it creamier than the sour cream which also was an excellent addition........Yummmmmmmmm!

Awesome! Definitely restaurant quality. I make it often. How ever I have not tried roasting the peppers yet. Will soon. Deelish!

I didn't add the sour cream or cheese, but I did add 1 1/4 tsp salt and 1 1/4 tsp Mrs Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning. My hubby and I love love love this soup!!!!

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