Comments: 2005 Independent Food Festival and Awards


Great choice. I've been enjoying the honey you sent us for Xmas. It's marvelous.

Hey there Meg!

Will M. Allart be at his stand two weekends from now? I think I need a jar of that honey. :-)

Viv - you have motivated me to do what I should have done before writing yesterday's post, to wit: call M. Allart and find out where else he can be found. I called him this morning and he told me that he'll be at the Auteuil market this coming Saturday (Feb. 26, 2005) and at the one in the Paris suburb of Joinville le Pont the week following. You can get to Joinville by RER.

However the most convenient place to find him is at the Saint Mandé market every Sunday. Saint Mandé is a charming suburb of Paris tucked between the city limits and the Bois de Vincennes. It's on the number one metro line; just get off at the stop Saint Mandé Tourelles.

Happy honey hunting!

Wow - this honey sounds fabulous...I actually got up, mid-post and made myself a piece of toast (the bread that reading Viv's post forced me to go out and purchase earlier this morning). On this I spread the very last dregs of a jar of creamed honey that I had been given by a friend who visited a small farm in northern Ontario over the summer.

But THIS sounds devine. Oh, how I long to go to Paris.

Thank you VERY much Meg!!! I am printing out your update and look forward to paying M. Allart a visit on Sunday, March 6th. ;-)

My pleasure! Enjoy your trip to Paris!


Soon after I move, I will be starting up mead brewing in earnest. I did one batch of it in April of last year that has turned out beautifully-bubbly and light with a hint of blackberry flavor and a whisper of rose, with the full flavor of the honey without cloying sweetness.

hello Meg,
I live in Calif. but want to try this great honey you like. Any way you can ship it to me and I'll pay u back? Does he ship to the US?

The best day.

your site very well!

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