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I hate throwing spices away, though I still do it from time to time.

I've taken to buying loose packets of spices from Sherwyn's, which has not only supplements and health food bud pretty good spices at very good prices.

If its something like cinnamon or saffron or vanilla I'll go to Penzey's or The Spice House and get the good stuff there.

I have a small Indian cookbook, and I should make a trip up to Devon in Chicago this weekend to get some of the ingredients.

too many chefs (particularly barrett).

i'm relatively new to the food blog world, but would love to get plugged in. i blog anonymously as "the ulterior epicure." while my location has been heretofore undisclosed, i will say that the next phase of my life will be spent in chi-town (where i have lived before)...

can you refer me to any local chicago foodie blogs? would be much obliged. you should come over for a visit!


U.E. - send me an e-mail and I can get you more detail, but I would start with:
LTH Forum, a group of Chicago-foodies from eGullet
Eat Chicago
Fuck Corporate Groceries
Chicago BlogMap
Chicago Bloggers
Gapers Block
KIPlog's Food Blog
and maybe sign up for the Chicago Bloggers mail group on Yahoo groups.

There are more, but these shoudl get you into the swing of things.

Glad to have you coming to our fair city!

Mmmm! just looking at your grocery list makes me hungry.


Passage Braddy is full of pakistanian. Only Pooja restaurant and general food shoop are indian. If you want to eat Indian food or tamoul fool go to little india in Faubourg Saint-Denis street from gare du Nord to La chapelle (métro).

Best regards


Linchungh, thanks for the clarification. Obviously I'll have to go check out the Faubourge St-Denis more carefully and report back! I'm sure my English husband won't object to a little more research!

Read the Restaurant Pooja information too late, we ate across the way at a place called Jadin d'India - truly the worst chicken curry and tikka masala ever served. Sure enough, by the time we left (9:00pm), the Jardin was almost empty and the Pooja not a table left.

I have Indian restaurants in Paris, with the name of Aaradhana and Aarapana I want to
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Thank you
Joginder Kumar

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