Comments: WEIRD Biblical food site


Quick aside here. Although wine is found in the bible, if one is looking to be historically correct then more should be made about beer.

back in the biblical days, wine was a drink for the upper class, where beer was teh drink of the poor. Jesus, who more than likley hung his hat with the Arameic good ol' boys, was probably a beer drinker.

Ironic then that the catholics use wine to represent his blood.

Hey diddly ho! Did you notice that this post has resulted in a Google ad for The Ten Commandments on our site?

Thanks for finding this, Barrett - too funny!

That site is spooky! The Oreo cookies representing separating the light from the darkness was my favorite part.

Why not separating the sheep from the goats?

Kids probably aren't ready for Revelations yet.

Is no one else disconcerted by the name He's Alive Buns?

Elsa - I guess its better than "Behold! His buns have risen!"

I was thinking some Mary Magdalene cheap tarts would make sense in this context.

Oh too funny! Those baby Jesus haystacks did it for me. And I can just picture Ned with the blue jell-o 'parting of the sea'!

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