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I waited and waited for the #175236 bus, but it never came. I was always skeptical of the Michigan avenue/Champs-Elysee line anyway.

I wish I could have been there. It looks like a great time and great food.

Olive oil from Sam's trees in Australia? That's fantastic! How many acres does it take to have a proper olive grove anyway? :)

Wow! Not only did I get to participate in a fabulous party, but I get my picture up on your site, and a quote!! Indeed the purple pommes de terre were quite something, and very tasty!! And of course I loved those blaspheme tarts (or did you say black-bean?!). Anyway thanks again Meg!


The party was more than satisfactory, it was really really nice. Thank you!!! I had a great time!
We are on our way out of town, literally, will send all recipes, and notes on polenta, when we return. Sorry that's not for two weeks.

Goodness that looks like a good time. Oh how I miss Paris.

Happy birthday Too Many Chefs. It's a shame we could not be there. See you soon.

Thanks to you all! Barrett, the number of trees and the number of acres they theoretically inhabit is a state secret, but I can tell you there are only about a hundred of these first-vintage bottles of olive oil in the world. I should hang onto mine as I'm sure it will be a collector's item when the world discovers the wonder of this oil.

Also, Owen thinks your tart should be called a "Blaspheme Tart" because it sounds cooler than "Black Bean". It was that kind of an evening...

If you want to make it a blaspheme tart, I think you'd have to use holy water in the crust...

Why does the front page article have just ONE photo, then a "continue reading" link if we want to read more, but the Newsfeed posts the ENTIRE post to the newsfeed?

I would love the newsfeed to be like the front page: tease me with an excerpt and ONE photo, then if it's something I want to read in its entirety, I'll click.

I've seen many MT blogs with numerous newsfeed options (full, full w/ comments, excerpts only, categories only, ect...).

Thank you for having pity on unlucky dialups!

Actually dialup, we have two feeds. If you subscribe to the feed, you'll get exactly what you want.

Thanks for reading the site!

In somewhat belated homage to V-Day and the blog's birthday, may I offer the following to the assembled Chefs, all Too Many of them and their friends, as a token of my esteem:

Oh wow, another present! And it looks scrumptious...!

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