Comments: Avocados, Chile, and Lime


Yum indeed! The chile, salt and lime routine works well on slices of jicama too.

I haven't tried that, but next time I see jicama in the store I will.

It took me forever to link "hicama" to the word jicama. I was convinced it was pronounced Gee-cahma.

Yummmm... there is a "shortcut", however... if you are impatient and a glutton, like me, you will split the avocado, pull out the pit, squeeze the lime juice into the pit "hole", sprinkle in the chile and salt, and eat it out of hand with a spoon.

I always use powdered chipotle in that preparation, which by the way, is good on toasted homemade whole wheat bread with a bit of melted havarti and some mizuna and chives.

I craved the above sandwich when I was pregnant.

I adore Jicima with lots of lime juice and I found this amazing smoked chili salt to finish it with. Loads of chipotle flavor with the texture of grey salt. YUM!

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