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Thank you SO much for posting this!!! I'll definitely try the oysters...yum! We're staying in the Latin Quarter, so I'm sure we'll try Le Navigator, too. The raclette sounds wonderful!!!

My pleasure! And if I ever remember the name of that darn cheese restaurant, I'll add it to the comments...!

That cheese place really was wonderful in an amazing-cheese and way-too-much-of-it sort of way.

I am trying to remember the name of the cheese restaurant near La Madeleine, too. I am flying to Paris this afternoon and will look for it and post it later. :-)

Does anyone know of a Gluten free restaurant in Paris? I figure it's a long shot, but what the heck.

A good resource for gluten-free restaurants in I saw that they had three listings in Paris.

paris is the most great place u can go in the world 'nd' i lved it 2 biyesxxxxxx

There is a restaurant close to the eiffel tower on avenue Bosquet (opposite the hotel Prince) called La Terrace which is very aware of the need for 'sans gluten' and will recomend items from the menu. I enjoyed the most incredible grilled salmon, rice and creme brulee two nights in a row. I found this card also helpful...

Je souffre d’une maladie qui s’appelle la
maladie coeliaque et je dois suivre un
régime absolument sans gluten.

Est ce qu’il y a de la farine ou des graines
de blé, du seigle, de l’orge ou de l’avoine

Je peux manger de la nourriture qui
contient du riz, du maïs, des pommes de
terre, des légumes, des fruits, des oeufs,
du fromage, du lait, de la viande et du
poisson, pourvu qu’ils n’aient pas été cuits
avec de la farine de blé, de la pâte à frire,
de la chapelure, ou une sauce contenant
les ingrédients qui me sont interdits.

Je vous remercie de votre aide.

It translates as...

I have an illness called
coeliac disease and have to
follow a strict gluten-free diet.
Does this contain flour or
grains of wheat, rye, barley or
I can eat food containing rice,
maize, potatoes, all kinds of
vegetables and fruit, eggs,
cheese, milk, meat and fish –
as long as they are not cooked
with wheat flour, batter,
breadcrumbs or sauce.
Thank you for your help.

I didn't 'get glutened' once in Paris, even small cafes were aware and I found most places served natural omlettes (obviously be aware of omlettes with cheese or ham as they could contain gluten).

Here's my mum's coeliac and gluten pages for those that are interested:

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